• Jarek Kostka



The new musical idea coming from three musicians from Poznan is my another activity on the border of different styles. It is a balance between the sacred and the profane – it is a jazz improvisation based on themes taken from the liturgy of the Roman – Catholic Church.

The leading material in the project are sequences – according to some musicologists – the first fully copyright singing of the Church in Western Europe.

Generally it can be said that the common feature of all sequences is their rhythm, which imposes text – religious but not biblical. Rhythm and folk sequence opened the way and brought popularity of later composed church and christian songs.

Repeatability of so called “folk rhymes,” (as they’re sometimes maliciously called by their opponents – especially in Rome) can cause a kind of trance. It is a sort of religious and spiritual contemplation, where next to the text the recurring musical themes are the main power.

This musical form for us today might be simple, but the simplicity of it inspires – especially jazz improvisers.

Jarek Kostka – organ, piano, artistic concept
Jan Adamczewski – saxophones
Andrzej Mazurek – percussion instruments
in Musical Project  “Sequences”


Bogurodzica – live


Victime Paschali Laudes – live


Veni Sancte Spiritus – live

Concerting Organist

ORGANY to dla mnie król instrumentów


Będąc czynnym organistą, współpracuję ze śpiewakami, chórami i instrumentalistami dając koncerty i tworząc oprawę artystyczną uroczystości religijnych.

J.S.Bach – toccata i fuga d-moll na organy – BWV 565; Jarosław Kostka – organy

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J.S.Bach – Aria z 2 suity orkiestrowej D-dur BWV 1068
arr. na sax i organy – Jarosław Kostka
Jarosław Kostka – organy, Jan Adamczewski – saksofon

Remo Giazotto / Tomaso Albinioni – adagio g-moll
arr. na sax i organy – Jarosław Kostka
Jarosław Kostka – organy, Jan Adamczewski – saksofon

J.S.Bach – Chorał “Jesu bleibet meine Freude” z kantaty BWV 147
arr. na sax i organy – Jarosław Kostka
Jarosław Kostka – organy, Jan Adamczewski – saksofon

Ennio Morricone – La Califa
Jarosław Kostka – organy, Jan Adamczewski – saksofon

Franz Schubert – Ave Maria
Jarosław Kostka – organy, Jan Adamczewski – saksofon

Agnus Dei Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Jarosław Kostka – organy, Jan Adamczewski – saksofon, Maria Załanowska – sopran

Liturgical Organist

I graduated from the School of Music (2nd grade) in Poznań in the organ class. For many years I worked as a liturgical organist in various parishes.

After 10-year break I decided to go back to this instrument, and since 2009 I am the organist in the parish of St. Joseph in Kicin near Poznań city. There my privilege is to play recently renovated organ from the 19th century.

I am the author of musical arrangements and also a accompanist in the chamber Choir ARSIS, which exists in this parish since 2010. I support the choir as a bass singer.